【The 4th - a party to enjoy Japanese culture and traditions with Abiko city “DASHI(Festival car)"】


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The 4th - a party to enjoy Japanese culture and traditions with Abiko city “DASHIFestival car"

"Banquet of bamboo evening touching people of foreign countries" Old private house Yoshiemon gate

Let's enjoy Japanese culture, tradition, people, nature, history with “Abiko City" together with overseas people! !

We hold a party to enjoy the goodness and pleasure of Japan at an old private house in Abiko city in Chiba Prefecture.

The main theme of this time is "festival"Let's enjoy Japanese history and culture through "floats".

Ancient culture - interaction between people and people with contemporary culture, food culture, history, art.From there, "Smiley TAMARIBA" is created.

To make everyone happy, we will work together with Abiko members to create a smile.Please participate.

Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture* Contact the participants for detailsNearest station: JR Joban Line "Abiko Station" 15 minutes by bus

* Please understand that the contents may be changed or canceled.

September 17 (Sunday) · · · Day 1· 13:00 "Old private house" assembly· 14: 00 Kimono dressing (female only)· 16:00 Pull the Festival car (Takeuchi Shrine)· Dinner at 17:30· 19: 30 Festival cars Competition · Viewing· 20:30 free time ( Dissolution or Accommodation)

September 18 (holiday · month) · · · 2nd day· Abiko City Tourism· Traditional Japanese culture experience (option / fee)· Lunch separately at actual cost· Example) Calligraphy, Karate experience, Abiko city tour, Tonkatsu Sato etc.

Karate experience (September 8) · · Free trial (reservation required)· 10: 00 ~ 11: 00 boys course· 14: 00 ~ 15: 30 General course· 16: 00 ~ 19: 00 player course

Foreign nationals · · 1,000 yen (Only 9/17) · · · 5,000 yen (9/17, 9/18, 2 days / 1 night)

Japanese people · · 3,000 yen (only 9/17) · · 9,800 yen (9/17, 9/18, 2 nights / 2 nights)

* Abiko station - Please come to the meeting place by yourself.* Futon fee is included in the above fee, but if you prefer "cotton bedding" as an option you can order separately at "3,000 yen".

15 people

● Cotton linen (grade up)· Full set: 3,000 yen· Application deadline: September 8th 23: 59

For inquiries:Kentaro Kamikawa


HP: 080-4891-5550


『異国の方々と触れあう竹宵の宴』 古民家善左衛門邸






<場所>千葉県我孫子市 *詳細は参加者に連絡最寄り駅:JR常磐線「我孫子駅」バスで15分位

<実施予定> *内容は変更・中止になる場合がありますのでご了承くださいね。

<スケジュール>917日(日)・・・1日目・13:00 「古民家」集合・14:00 着物着付け(女性のみ)・16:00 山車引き(竹内神社)・17:30 夕食 ・19:30 山車5台競争・観覧 ・20:30 フリー(解散 or 宿泊)

918日(祝・月)・・・2日目・我孫子市 観光 ・日本の伝統文化体験(オプション/有料) ・昼食は別途実費 ・例)書道、空手体験、我孫子市内観光、とんかつ佐藤 など


空手体験(98)・・・無料体験(要予約)・10:0011:00  少年コース・14:0015:30 一般コース・16:0019:00 選手コース

<参加費>【外国籍の方】・・・1,000円(9/17のみ) ・・・5,000円(9/179/1812日)

【日本の方】・・・3,000円(9/17のみ) ・・・9,800円(9/179/1812日)



<オプション>綿ぶとん(グレードアップ)・一式:3,000円・申込期限:98 23:59

問い合わせ先:上川 健太郎



Sun Sep 17, 2017
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM JST
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9/17のみ(宿泊無し)外国籍の方 SOLD OUT ¥1,000
9/17 & 9/18(宿泊あり)外国籍の方 SOLD OUT ¥5,000
9/17のみ(宿泊なし)日本国籍の方 SOLD OUT ¥3,000
9/17&9/18(宿泊あり)日本国籍の方 SOLD OUT ¥9,800
空手体験 FULL
綿ぶとん(グレードアップ) SOLD OUT ¥3,000
Venue Address
千葉県我孫子市 Japan
Event Information Center(イベントインフォメーションセンター)